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Effective moisture control in children

Some children are afraid of the dental visit and others cannot sit still for very long. Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage who is a dentist at Vivadent AG in Schaan/Liechtenstein has some useful advice for you.

Moisture control made easy: a rubber dam is not always needed

It has become extremely easy to establish a dry working field due to a small and convenient auxiliary aid, which, for example, allows you to treat Class V cases very efficiently.

Isolation of the treatment field of a class-V cavity

Dr Knut Hufschmidt’s (Austria) patient case shows the treatment of a cervical lesion isolated by OptraGate and using Tetric EvoFlow.

Study about prophy pastes

The present examinations confirm that different prophylactic pastes have significantly different effects on composite resin surfaces.

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