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Bleaching teeth and veneers

Read the case report to find out how you can effectively lighten the neighbours and antagonists of teeth that are to receive veneers.

Dental photography: all tips at one click

Increasing numbers of dentists are interested in documenting their work with the help of effective photographic material. Reason enough to provide you with the most essential information once more.

Dental photography: portrait, lab-work and intraoral picture

Professional and effective portrait pictures are an essential part of dental photography. We have prepared a detailed checklist for you.

Effective moisture control in children

Some children are afraid of the dental visit and others cannot sit still for very long. Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage who is a dentist at Vivadent AG in Schaan/Liechtenstein has some useful advice for you.

Checklist: Practice marketing on the internet

A website that is not easily found is practically dead - and therefore useless. Discover how you can maximize your dentist marketing efforts on the internet and enhance your digital visibility in this blog.

Moisture control made easy: a rubber dam is not always needed

It has become extremely easy to establish a dry working field due to a small and convenient auxiliary aid, which, for example, allows you to treat Class V cases very efficiently.

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