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Dental photography: the right camera equipment

Are you a dental professional and you want to document your work with images? If this is you then we can help you with a few tips.

Casebook Tetric Evo-Flowables

The product takes the masking power of modern bulk-fill materials to a new level due to the Aessencio technology. We have prepared this booklet of selected clinical cases to give you an impression.

This is how you can make your practice fit for the 21st century!

Do you sometimes wonder how you can make your dental practice fit for the 21st century? If these questions have been on your mind, then this checklist is for you.

Study about prophy pastes

The present examinations confirm that different prophylactic pastes have significantly different effects on composite resin surfaces.

Adhese Universal Scientific Report

Adhese Universal was approved for clinical use in March 2014. The following scientific and clinical data collected is very promising and continually expanding.

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