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Isolation of the treatment field of a class-V cavity

Dr Knut Hufschmidt’s (Austria) patient case shows the treatment of a cervical lesion isolated by OptraGate and using Tetric EvoFlow.

The Guide to Class IV Restorations with IPS Empress Direct

In his new guide to highly esthetic Class IV restorations, Dr Markus Lenhard (Switzerland) shows you how to master this demanding task with style and efficiency.

Tips & Tricks from Dr Eduardo Mahn

Are you looking for tips and tricks that will help you to place this type of filling more esthetically and efficiently? A new publication is available, which will provide you with useful tips and tricks.

Checklist: How to build an effective website

Are you a self-employed dentist who does not yet have an Internet website? In this blog post you will find out what you need to know to tackle this undertaking.

Tips and tricks for direct restorative procedures

Answers to many questions related to direct restorative procedures can be found in our new brochure “Tips and tricks”.

Special feature: Light-curing

Curing lights are among the most frequently used devices in the dental practice and are therefore directly related to a substantial share of the practice revenue.

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